Something about a boat

I am very glad this week is over. I could identify a friend getting me sick as the cause
of a lot of my problems for the past couple weeks. I had a few interviews, a few projects to and reviewing for technical interviews. I haven’t done any form of working out for a couple weeks and I feel weak and fat. Today was the first time I did something physical and that was just going for a two walks. Tomorrow I will touch a barbell in two weeks and one challenge is solidifying a training routine. I get the impression I will just struggle to maintain my current strength levels and when the semester is over go back to getting stronger. One thing I forgot since the semester has started was how nice it is to stay home and do some of the “boring” chores and going outside for a walk. The school I go to is located in a small city and walking there is extremely different that walking out in the woods. I think I will advantage of a doctor’s appointment this week to set aside some time afterwards and read outside, the one activity that always relaxes me.
I may also get a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop one thing I found was to cycle my caffeine consumption, meaning some weeks I drink coffee and others I don’t. This is relative to how much work I need to get done and what other responsibilities I have.

I think that in an age where we as humans don’t participate in as many physical challenges as our ancestors we need to find new ones.  What’s that saying about a ship being safe in a harbor but that’s not what ships are built for?  I find school to be one of the greatest challenges I have taken on, while I would argue that may be a sign of how soft my life is (and that I have to make up fake work to have the same respect as my ancestors), it is a worthy challenge. This is something that keeps me up at night and wakes me up early because you only get one chance to see how awesome you can be.  This is also something I can’t just brute force or man -handle my way through, it makes me have to use my brain and compose a strategy.   Challanges like these that make me grateful for my own life.  I definitely decided to study computer science because I hate having fun and sleeping.

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