Wendler and Matt Vincent

“You probably won’t believe this, but the trend today is either being ridiculously fat and awful, or skinny and weak! There’s this new pride in the world and it revolves around being physically pathetic.” ~Jim Wendler

I think that there is a trend of being pathetic in general (professionally, academically, physically, and mentally). I see it a lot in school where a lot of students complain and there are some legitimate things to complain about in terms of education in America. No one in this world got anywhere by complaining, people ascend their current situation by putting their head down and working. It’s not always an easy, enjoyable or great process but it is the only one that works. I remember listening to Matt Vincent on a podcast talk about how he “has to make up fake work (lifting weights/conditioning) to have the same respect his ancestors did.” I feel the same way about getting work done and doing something that gets me sweaty, if either don’t get done in a day I feel like I wasted the day. A challenging that I consistently have to overcome is burning out with school work and while it may be funny sometimes the work that needs to get done that day is relaxing. Sadly as a human you can’t be at 100% all the time, you body/mind/etc needs time to recover while balancing out doing things that make you happy. Another lesson from Matt was his consistent message of “you only get one life to go on adventures theme” that I fully embraced. Since following him on YouTube I have started to travel more something I never wanted to do in my earlier years. At the age I am more and more people are spreading away from their home state and this means trips to see them. Also it is great to experience new foods, places and experiences. My respect for both men is incredibly high, I can’t wait to shake their hands. Their messages resonate with me and something I find myself drawing from.

One class in particular has been really challenging for me. I have been seeing the professor at her office hours weekly and she knows I am not messing around. Still though I am making little progress in that class and it is turning into a question of faith.   Thankfully she is starting to “pump the brakes” since a lot of the class is having trouble at first. Sadly most professors are not this reactive and will often ridicule you for not knowing something. Aren’t you paying for school to get an education? This challenge though is proving to be a great test of my character and values. Life doesn’t always provide you with these very often so it is important to enjoy them. A lesson that I keep reminding myself is every great expert in any domain started as a complete beginner, she/he had to be taught the basics and most likely struggled with them, but continued to progress. I am at the tough part the understanding the basics part. It is frustrating like learning any new skill but life always goes on. I recognize my problems are nothing compared to the problems experienced by others, such as the ones the people of the Caribbean are facing currently. It still doesn’t mean it is easy but I will march forward down this crazy adventure called life.

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