When you are on you are on

I have resumed school and over a conversation with my adviser talked about the title of this post. He talked about attending a talk by Dr. McCarthy about time management. Dr. McCarthy is incredibly accomplished relative to his age working on the Racket language. He is a family man and certainly not one to have a ton of free time. Dr. McCarthy talked about the creation of a task list and focusing on one thing. If the task is to make a list he will just make a list, that singular focus is something that is hard given the myriad of distractions that can hit us. I brought up the pomodoro technique (25 min of work, 5 min break, then repeat four times, then take a short break) which my adviser thought this was a good idea and a good way to help me minimize semester burnout. A big message I took away from our conversation was “when you are on you are on, when you are off you are off” meaning if you are going to do school work focus only on that, if you are going to relax just focus on relaxing and not worrying about other things. This singular focus is something that can and will be honed over the course.

For me this will be a challenging course not because of the number of classes but diving into some of my weaker academic areas. Both Algorithms and Foundations of Computer Science dive into areas of math that are more proof based and not computationally based. My mobile robotics course uses a fair amount of probability which is an area I feel like I can always strengthen. Searching for a six month co-op is the highest priority goal that I have this semester. Rounding out my academic responsibilities is learning and practicing HTML/CSS. Outside of academic pursuits I would like to get stronger at a slightly lower body weight. This is slightly inhibited by my love of pizza and sushi. I also wanted to spend some more time exploring the towns around me. Yesterday my girlfriend and I finished walking parts of the Concord Freedom trail. Posted every few miles are little historical tidbits about the [American] Revolutionary War. Growing up around here you forget how much history is around us and I want to see more of it.

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