September start

September is now upon us, in New England this means the leaves will change, days will get cooler and pumpkin flavored beverages will start appearing. The fishing is slowly starting to fade which is a shame because I started using some new lures. I am going to try to keep going till it becomes futile. Fishing gets me outdoors and is a moment for me to reflect on life. Currently the start of the new semester seems to be on my mind the most. I have a rather dense course load this semester and only have to be on campus three days a week. I am hoping the days off can help me reach one of the most important goals this semester which is getting a six month co-op. The days where I don’t have to be at school can be used to prepare for interviews, go to interviews and just learn more in the wide field that is Computer Science. Regardless of whatever part of CS that I choose to work in, I will always be learning more and more as technology changes. Despite the pressure to succeed I am also looking to getting to know my friends and classmates better and do more things outside of academics.

Yesterday was Labor day and my girlfriend and I went for a walk down a trail in Concord, MA. Growing up in Massachusetts you forgot how much history is in the state. Along the trail were information about the Revolutionary war and some of the farms still stand today. Despite being next to where I grew up I had never gone down this trail and it was awesome since it was flat and shaded. It will be nice going down another section of the trail later down the road and see all the colored leaves. One thing that I love to do to relax outside is to make a cup of tea using a backpacking stove and just sit. This simple act of enjoying a cup of tea really helps me recenter myself and leaves me wanting more. It amazes me how little time most people don’t spend outdoors often confining themselves to sit in front of a screen. Go see things through your own eyes.

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