Something about a salt shaker

Classes start for me next week. Thursdays will be long for me, Tuesdays and Fridays much shorter. I have already started to plan out a rough schedule for myself with breaks planned in. An element of school that is often overlooked is the constant pressure that is contained within a semester. Unlike some forms of work school work is always there for you to work on. From moment you get handed a syllabus to the moment you submit your final exam/project you are under constant pressure to kick that course in the dick. There isn’t much room for breathing since you have to constantly be working towards preforming well. Education is the US is mostly focused on exam performance, clearly if you can master taking an exam that you are a champion of that subject. Anyone older than twenty five can see the futility in this. There are very few industries where things are held constant, in the age we live in change is both constant but accelerating. I wish that instead of so many exams there were more projects and reflections of working with others, this would feel more realistic since most work areas are focused on certain pushes, breaks push again. Don’t get me wrong school is often just bare bone foundation and you got to take your education into your own hands and supplement as you see fit. For me that involves looking at MIT open course ware, buying supplemental books and studying people I admire. Despite my limited talent I recognize how small of a fish I am in a sea of true monsters (in terms of application of knowledge) and that analogy is constant in the major fields of my life. This is an adventure that I am somewhat reluctant to start but will have a good attitude towards.

Something that I want to experiment with this semester is more scheduled breaks and fun activities, which will hopefully minimize out burnout. I have been making a list of places to go hiking and am trying to plan a backpacking trip to mix it up. Also trying to make time to spend time with friends since like any good friend you don’t have to explain much to them they know the path you are walking and the struggles you face. I have taken the rest of the week off of my strength training after this exhausting four hundred and five pounds.  It seems pulling sumo didn’t transfer as much as I thought it would, which is fine just another note to put in my training log. I made a video comparing my pull from the first of the year to last Sunday: here. I feel I lost a lot of speed off the floor and will have to work on that for a few months. In addition to physical training I plan on doing some reading and writing outside away, I have a zero gravity chair which I like sitting back in outside. There are so many places to go that it’s hard to get sick of scenery, it feels like a place I can breathe deeply and relax. There is something refreshing about being outdoors and in a quiet place, it is a free spa that I hope to indulge in to balance out with. For clarification balance for me doesn’t mean everything has equal weight but more in line with the definition of priority.  Doing certain activities because without them you know you won’t preform well.  For me the highest priority is making sure I sleep well.  If I don’t sleep well everything deteriorates so making sure I get to bed and feel rested is highest task for me.

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