Visit Vermont!

I am back from my Vermont vacation. I stayed at the same campsite that I did last year but with a different couple joining my girlfriend and I. The first night I made pulled pork in cast iron, which rekindled my love of cooking in cast iron. It turned out well and was a great opportunity to relearn somethings about cooking. The next day was focused on exploring a state park and we all went on a hilly hike and climbed up a tower to see various mountains in New Hampshire and Vermont. After we washed up we went to Montpelier, the state capital. We ate at a lovely pizza place and the Skinny Pancake a wonderful place to get crepes. On Friday we went and took a tour of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory. It was cool to see the influence of a company that makes ice cream has had over the years especially regarding political issues, as well it was cool how they did things for the local community such as a free ice cream day for the town, using Vermont cows milk and sourcing their ingredients from responsible vendors. From there we went to Burlington and shopped at some of the stores before concluding the trip by walking around a small Lake Champlain and having a maple soft serve ice cream. Our little adventure group departed after exploring the Randolph farmer’s market. I stayed in Randolph and did some fly fishing and waded in cold stream. It was super refreshing and fun being in water that was almost emerald green blue color.

Something about adventures that I never put together till now was that it takes a small amount of effort to go on one. I used to be under the idea that adventures just happen and I just had to wait for the next one, no you need to go out and actively pursue adventure. Planning and making sure you have the right resources ensures that more and hopefully more fulfilling adventures come to you. Another big shift for me was looking at uncomfortable events as just adventures and learning points. Anyone who has ever had a camping mishap or got rear ended can relate that not all adventures are awesome but I would rather have a bad adventure than no adventure at all. After all you only get one lifetime to experience things and what can be really concerning is you never know when you check out and move on the final adventure we all go on. For me the upcoming fall semester is going to be a great adventure one worthy of tales over drinks with friends. There are going to be some tough challenges to overcome and I may not reach all of the goals that I want to try to hit.

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