Last Big Vacation

It always amazes me how quickly the summer goes compared to being in a semester.  Perhaps it is the removal of the academic stress, the warm weather and the fact that it is the traditional time for adventure.  Countless families and group of friends make plans for some extraordinary trip during the summer which I feel is a shame since the fall (in my opinion) offers better opportunities.  The warm, but not hot, day combined with the cooler nights is the best combination especially in New England when the leaves change colors.  I have a small vacation in Vermont that I am looking forward to next week.  I am going with some friends from school and looking forward to taking a tour at Ben and Jerry’s factory.  There is a certain tranquility in Vermont that I can’t find in other states and can only be compared to Maine, my other favorite state.  This should be a fun trip and perhaps the last one before school resumes so I plan on getting a lot of fun into this trip.  Aside from the tour I am as well looking to do some fishing in Vermont, since there are numerous bodies of water for me.  I enjoy fly fishing since using waders I can be “one” with nature, however I enjoy all types of fishing.  I prefer to avoid using live bait since I feel like I should be able to use a lure to catch a fish and make sure to push the barb down to make removal easier.

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